Imagination’s Inventive Partner

Welcome to R&R Events

You are on the threshold of something very exciting, or you wouldn’t be here. R&R manifests events (or parts of them) – and we do it with expertise, real talent and skill. Costumes can beautiful, but they are crafted with stitches – stitches you can’t (or aren’t supposed to) see. Yet everything about that costume is held together with craftsmanship – and all everyone else sees is the beauty. That is precisely how R&R operates. We understand that events are comprised of a thousand small stitches – details. Those details are the foundation for the event and what everyone enjoys is the flawless execution of that event, the décor and the environment. We look forward to manifesting your vision – make yourself at home as you navigate our portfolio.

Custom Fabrications

At R&R, we create ‘things.’ You imagine them, and we build them. Our “imagination station” is busy every day with custom work that simply isn’t available in anyone’s inventory…until now.

Decor & Rentals

From inventive centerpieces and custom florals to linens, chairs, staging, audio-visual equipment to backdrops, R&R loves to show off our ‘shiny things’ so you can rent them – and make your event as special as it can be.

Design & Management

Details, details – and a LOT of them. Organizing all of these tedious details, while dealing with an overall grand vision, can be a tricky business. But after thirty years, we’ve got this. We work with you to help design, then manage, your event from concept to break-down.

Production Services

Set-up for an event – whether a gala, marathon, golf tournament, concert or anniversary party – is time-consuming. Issues arise, even with state-of-the-art equipment. R&R sets-up, manages on-location, monitors production and breaks down. Or you can cherry-pick what you need us to do.

It’s our job to let you enjoy the ‘WOW’ not the ‘how.’ #itsmagic