Meet the Team

We recognize that as your design and event management team, you entrust your reputation to us. Our goal is to make your event a flawless, fully engaging experience for your guests.

Ralph Rizzo


“Master of Merriment”

Over the years, Ralph has been known by locals as the “Master of Merriment,” “Man Behind the Curtain” and “Ralph, the Sound Guy.” They are all true. Ralph did begin his career in sound and audio engineering but his talents and innate creativity expanded his business into a full-service event planning organization providing everything from concepts and applications in theme décor, with customized backdrops and sets, to organizing sports and outdoor festivals, galas, corporate themed events and unique custom one-of-a-kind builds.

A self-taught carpenter and metal worker, Ralph is a veritable how-to show in the making for designing and creating one-of-a-kind sets and props for client events. He has been recognized by various organizations for his design concepts and he has been featured on local area television and in publications such as the Baltimore Business Journal, Baltimore Magazine. and Whose Wedding Is It Anyway.

A Baltimore native, Ralph executes events on behalf of clients all over the region – from the Baltimore Ravens to various corporate functions, the 1995 Papal visit, celebrity events, White House functions to the Army-Navy gala and festivities. He also makes dreams come true for prom goers, bar/bat mitzvah celebrants, brides (and their mothers!) among others. Ralph is a memory-maker for every generation.

Duct tape in hand, with his muse and faithful Dog, Marly, and the in the spirit of Jabo, by his side, Ralph is one CEO who’s not afraid of a little hard work to take every event over the top.

Robert “Bert” Golden

Warehouse Operations

Bert as we all know him, is a friend of Ralph’s from their past life working together at Hammerjacks! He came to R&R Events in 2013. Bert’s past experience working as a DJ, sales, flight attendant and previous positions in the events world, has given him experience to handle the crazy schedules we deal with day-in and day-out. His dedication to clients and staff at R&R Events, has earned him the title of “Events Operations Assistant“. Don’t think that is all he does, his role has continued to grow and expand. As he takes on the abilities to work in the shop as part of the R&R Events Design & Build.

Marly, aka Meatball

Marly, aka “MEATBALL”, is happy to come to work everyday and visit everyone that passes through! His Groucho Marx eyes, big head, and love everybody demeanor, defines his personality. As Ralph’s companion, he never leaves his side, except for an occasional peek from his 2nd story perch to see who’s here, as he wags his tail incessantly. As a rescue, he is happy to be with a loving family of friends and employees.