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Details, details – and a LOT of them. Organizing all of these tedious details, while dealing with an overall grand vision, can be a tricky business. But after thirty years, we’ve got this. We work with you to help design, then manage, your event from concept to break-down.

Design, Manage & Execute

With You Through Every Step

Events, like cakes, are multi-layered and every layer matters. One layer tastes bad, the cake is inedible. Events require a high level of detail. They can be tied to special permitting depending on where you want to have the event – and you may not realize that. Your committee may have even more opinions than people– and you have your own set of expectations to see through, as well. R&R Events is accustomed to mitigating “multiple event personality disorder.” We not only help you ‘design’ the event to your specifications, or create a concept for you – we’ll manage your event, too. Or, if your event is a done deal, but you need someone to come in and direct, we are available for that as well.

Every event is a milestone in someone’s life. The life of a child, teacher, or business associate. From retirement parties, award ceremonies and rehearsal dinners to pleasing the toughest five-year-old in the family, we can help you design, organize and execute that very special milestone.

As an event specialist in the mid-Atlantic, R&R not only plans events, we have our finger on the pulse of what other organizations are doing with their events. This is our industry. So, if you are planning a large gala, and you’re not sure what’s in and what’s out – we already know. We know how many galas have used gold and blue or who has been booking what for their entertainment. When we help you design your event, we’ll save you the trouble of looking like everyone else out there. If your large event is already underway, but you need a few more hands to orchestrate the event, we can step in to help out.

Your event venue isn’t exactly manifesting the right tone for your wedding. Or, possibly, you’re not sure where to have it, and a lot of venues may already be booked up. We have a full inventory of drapes, backdrops, live plants – and we can create, or have someone else create – just the right props for you. We also know most of the event venues and rentable spaces in the region, so we can help identify one for your needs. R&R will create a design plan, work within your budget and/or find you just the right event location or location solution. We can set-up, stay and help you and/or we can just show back up to take it all away. Your event, your choice.

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